Wind Energy

Become the PROFESSIONAL wind installer in your area! This course teaches you every little detail of designing and installing wind turbines in sizes up to 20kW. This will generate approximately 25,000 kWh annual output at 11 mph wind speed or approximately 52,000 kWh annual output at 15 mph wind speed. Ample for residences, farm uses, businesses, schools and other larger facilities. You learn safety procedures, basic electricity and grounding requirements, sizing formulas to meet your customers present and future energy demands. Each student will understand all the various component parts and functions of wind turbines to troubleshoot and repair certain turbines and equipment. Learn how to perform site evaluations and placement of towers with the proper formulas to gain ultimate energy efficiency from the turbines. Step by step procedures for footing foundations, tower and turbine assembly. Safety for the various construction and installation procedures, including top of towers.

Download a flyer describing APT's "Career Certificate Program in Renewable Energy"

This Career Certificate program is designed to incorporate the fundamentals of the Nation's Power Grid, Solar PV, Industry/Commercial large scale Solar PV and Wind Turbine generation courses.  This career oriented program is a must for those wanting to transition into the exciting field of renewable energy opportunities.

One of the only classes in America taught by experience and seasoned Wind Turbine installers (Large and Small). Learn the step by step details for “PROPER” and reliable installations.

    PWR100b.1 Electric Power Systems Fundamentals
PWR240 Telecommunications for Electric Utilities
PWR275 Introduction to Wind Power Systems
P14.013 5/13/2014 - 5/22/2014 Webcast
P14.014 9/9/2014 - 9/18/2014 Webcast

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